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A Roma Pop Culture Adventure – Panel Discussion 

In English

25.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● Grüner Salon

︎︎︎ Free Admission
This panel will lead us directly to the core of this year’s motto of AKE DIKHEA? “Decolonise Imagination!”. In their key lectures, two Romani experts reveal the hidden influences of Roma in Pop culture and how Romani perspectives have been de-centred and white-washed in Film & Television.

The artist and pop culture specialist Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez will take us on a pop culture adventure bringing to light the struggle of Romani people in the world of American comics and cartoons and the challenges and opportunities that Roma face as a community in a XXI century globalized society.
With the screenwriter Robert Poupátko, we will discuss the vital need for accurate and inclusive depictions of Roma in children's media and reflect on a campaign, initiated by the Romani led online platform Tuke TV in response to Disney's live-action remake of “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. 
We do not only deal with questions of on-screen representation, but also with inclusion of Romani voices and talents in positions above the line. A key question that comes up time and time again is what exactly should we be advocating for and how can we create a cohesive approach that advances meaningful change in the film industry?