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The jury of AKE DIKHEA? 2023 – Benita Bailey, Pamela Cohn and Delaine Le Bas – found their favourite films! Also the Audience Choice Award and an Honorable Mention by the Artistic Director are clear now. Check out the awards and honorable mentions now:

Best Feature Film

Citizen Miko
By Robin Kvapil
Czech Republic ● 2022 ● 75’

Jury Statement:
Our jury gives this award to a film that shows the undeniable power of one individual to change many, many lives — those of his own family, as well as dozens of strangers he’ll never meet. The director follows his main protagonist from the humble circumstances of his own life to the halls of European political power, all the while infusing the story with an exhilarating portrait of a generous, fully awake, and driven human being, one who means to change the world one truckload at a time. The jury gives the Best Feature Film award to Robin Kvapil’s “Citizen Miko”.

Best Short Film

By Alecio Araci
Sweden ● 2023 ● 15’

Jury Statement:
This ground-breaking short film explores the intersectionality of identity and trauma, celebrating the diversity within the Roma community and queerness. It addresses themes of self-acceptance, love, grief, and intergenerational relations, fearlessly tackling taboos. With its poignant storytelling, authentic representation, and emotional depth, viewers are captivated by the twists and aesthetic brilliance. Every detail in the film tells a story, shedding light on lesser-discussed hierarchies within the Roma culture. By doing so, the film reflects back to the community a new narrative. The director said, this film is a means for himself to heal. We, the jury, believe this film gives audiences of the Roma community, the LGBTQ+ community, and all other communities the opportunity to heal as well. The prize for the Best Short Film of the 7th International Roma Film Festival goes to “Chavo”.

Audience Choice Award

Matthew Mark Luke John
By Tom Wilson
Romania ● 2018 ● 70’

As an International Festival of Romani Film, we are especially happy that the film “Matthew Mark Luke John” won the Audience Choice Award. The feature film was shot in Romania in a Romani village of which over the half of its population migrated to Germany and found a new home in Berlin. These are people very active at RomaTrial, the association organizing AKE DIKHEA? since 2017. More than 15 young people originally from this Romanian village supported our festival as volunteers. We were happy that most of the audience of the screening of “Matthew Mark Luke John” came from the Romani community and that they made their voices be heard!

Jury Special Mention to the Ensemble Cast

Three Thousand Numbered Pieces
By Ádám Császi
Ensemble Cast: Kristóf Horváth, Franciska Farkas, Edmond Oláh, Rómeó Pápai, Cristopher Pászik, Norbert Varga
Hungary ● 2022 ● 93’

Jury Statement:
As the jury we discussed how we need to work together to “decolonise our imaginations” to quote the festival and the spaces we are in. For the film which we found outstanding on so many levels, these are the questions which we hand back to the director to discuss further and address and so therefore we give a Jury Special Mention to the ensemble cast of Three Thousand Numbered Pieces for their outstanding contributions.

Short Film Honorable Mention

By Farzad Samsami
Norway ● 2022 ● 18’

Jury Statement:
Our jury wanted to recognise this beautiful fictional family portrait with an Honourable Mention —not only for the director’s accomplished script filled with painful silences and halting declarations of love and his adept and sensitive direction, but also for the deeply nuanced and moving performance from its lead, played by Angel Jansen, a young talent to watch. The Honourable Mention for a Short Film goes to Farzad Samsami’s “Lavina”.

Honorable Mention by the Artistic Director

Fifteen Minutes
By Sejad Ademaj
Germany ● 2022 ● 13‘

Statement of the Artistic Director:
The film not only brings my personal story to the screen, but also my long-standing political concern: the right to stay for Roma in Germany and a stop to the deportation of people who were born and raised here. And especially in times of the planned tightening of asylum laws and the upcoming massive deportations of many different people, this film is more important than ever. “Fifteen Minutes” shows in an authentic and empathetic way how a political decision can turn a happy everyday moment into a disaster for an entire family.



AKE DIKHEA? have teamed up with the European Film Academy to create this exclusive opportunity for Romani filmmakers to create connections with top festival programmers, discuss current short film projects and gain insights into the programming and editorial focus of the respective festival. The Festivals include Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) , DokuFest (Kosovo) , Go short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands), Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg (Germany) and Tampere Film Festival (Finland).

You can book up to five 5 minute long one-on-one meetings taking place on ONLINE on Wednesday, 25th October 2023, 14:00 – 15:00 CET.

You can make your festival selections
and pre-register your space >>> HERE <<<.

The deadline for pre-registration is Monday 8th October 11:59 CET.

AKE DIKHEA? will also provide an optional ‘How To’ session to help prepare you by offering some tips to help you get the most out of your session. This will be held ONLINE on Wednesday, 18.10.2023, 18.00 – 18.45. 



AVAZYA International Romani Film Professionals Network in partnership with EFM (European Film Market), is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2024 EFM Doc Toolbox + Fiction Toolbox programmes.

We are looking for entry-to-mid level documentary + fiction film Romani producers or producing filmmakers – with a feature-length documentary or fiction film in development (preferably with some financing and/ or funding already secured) as well as marketing materials such as a mood reel, teaser or trailer/ promo. Films based on Romani stories, issues or themes are invited to apply.

Two applicants will be chosen by the leading team of AVAZYA International Romani Film Professionals Network to participate in the Toolbox Programme – one documentary applicant and one fiction applicant.

Under the guidance of a consultant and a coordinator, the Doc and Fiction Toolbox Programme is intended to endow documentary and fiction creatives with market intelligence, connections and a kit of transferable business know-how.

With close links to the Berlinale, the European Film Market is one of the top three meeting places of the international film and media industries. Over a period of seven days, around 10,000 representatives of the international film and media industries – primarily producers, buyers and sales agents, distributors and financiers – come together to network, exchange, inform themselves and do business.

2024 Toolbox Programme Details:

(ONLINE) In the preparatory phase (in December 2023):
Participants will be paired with their consultants and their coordinator. Between December and the end of the EFM, they will have up to 4 online sessions with their consultants to receive feedback on their projects and strategic planning for networking on the EFM. Coordinators will help with any organizational and logistical advice on the EFM.

(ONLINE Before the EFM (08.01. – 19.01.2024):
Participants will be assigned to a group according to their preferred time zone. Each group consists of about 10 participants. During this period, a 2.5-hour online workshop will take place every day of the week. Please note that participants may also receive homework for some of these workshops so you need to be available throughout this period.

(IN PERSON) During the EFM (14.02.-20.02.2024):
Participants take part in EFM matchmaking formats and Toolbox Community Building Sessions in Berlin. You will be required to stay in Berlin for 6/7 nights.

The workshops will cover the following topics:

Doc Toolbox

  1. Pitching Tools

  2. Funding & Incubators

  3. Sales & Distribution

  4. Press & PR

  5. Grant Writing

  6. Impact Producing

  7. + additional optional workshops (TBA)

Fiction Toolbox

  1. A to Z of Pitches

  2. Funding initiatives for underrepresented film creatives

  3. Sales & Distribution

  4. Development Deals

  5. Marketing & PR

  6. International Co-production

  7. + additional optional workshops (TBA)

Application prerequisites:

  • Applicants should possess at least one feature-length project (60 minutes or longer) that is in development (preferably with some financing and/ or funding already secured) as well as marketing materials such as a mood reel, teaser or trailer/ promo.

  • Applicants must be available to travel to Berlin and spend 6/7 nights to participate in the Toolbox Programme during the EFM (February 14 – February 20, 2024).

  • Your passport must be valid for travel in February 2024, and must include necessary visas to travel to Germany.

Please fill out the application form >>> HERE <<<. In case of any questions don't hesitate to contact us at: avazya@akedikhea.com
The application deadline for the Doc Toolbox & Fiction Toolbox is 11:59 pm CET, October 15, 2023.

︎ Open Call for Projects:


Deadline: 20th August 2023

AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film announces the call for AVAZYA FILM LAB 2023, an exclusive mentoring workshop.

We are looking for 3 filmmakers or film teams with a strong creative documentary or fiction project in any stage of production (from development to rough cut) who are seeking further support to develop their film.

Our aim is to connect filmmakers with leading experts in order to maximize the creative potential of their projects. Within the time frame of the AVAZYA FILM LAB each project will receive 60 minutes of tailored consultation.

Only after the selection process has taken place will a mentor be assigned.This is important so we can ensure the relevant expertise is identified in relation to the projects specific needs. This could include but is not limited to – your story, trailer, pitch, financing, PR, marketing, post-production, legal, film festival or distribution strategy).

Application requirements:
We are first and foremost looking for documentary films that critically reflect upon the reality of discrimination of Romani people in the world. Directors or producers with a Romani background will be preferred. We also accept applications from filmmakers with other backgrounds telling stories about other marginalized groups from an intersectional, anti-racist, queer and/or feminist perspective.

The AVAZYA FILM LAB Lab will take place online on Tuesday 24th October 2023

In order to apply, please fill in the form HERE.

- Submission deadline: 20th August 2023
- Announcements of the results: 1st September 2023

Requirements and costs
The workshop is free of charge for selected film teams and will take place online unless otherwise stated depending on participant and expert selection and their proximity to Berlin during the festival.

If you have any questions regarding the application please get in touch on: avazya@akedikhea.com

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film

RomaTrial e.V.
Weydingerstraße 14-16
10178 Berlin

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We would be delighted to see you at this year’s 7th International Festival of Romani
Film: AKE DIKHEA? which take place in Berlin, October 23 –29, 2023.

As a festival are committed to exploring questions surrounding representation and identity. We are self-organised and self-determined team with a mission to raise visibility of marginalised perspectives and are currently working on bringing you a range of the latest, most original, compelling counter narratives that currently exist in Romani cinema.

You can also look forward to intensive public discussions, masterclasses and of course excellent musicians and opportunities to dance the night away 😉

Over the summer we will be working on festival preparations to ensure we have another year of thought provoking conversations and debate.

Have a lovely summer and we look forward to celebrating with you in October!