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Ethan Donoghue

Ireland ● 2022 ● 17’
27.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON

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“Agape” unveils a poignant tale of a young Traveller Woman, compelled into an unloving marriage. She battles her new reality, while her true love, Margaret, can only witness their world crumbling apart, trapped in powerlessness.

Director: Ethan Donoghue ● Script: Joshua Donoghue ● Editing: Eamonn Cahill ● Cinematography: David Christopher Lynch ● Sound: Nikki Moss, Peter Nicell, Greg Young ● Cast: Kayleigh McDonagh, Joshua Donoghue, John Connors, Kate Larkin, Michael Collins, Thomas Connors, Dwayne Donoghue ● Production: John Connors, Elizabeth Donoghue, Ethan Donoghue, Joshua Donoghue

Between / Worlds

Robert Poupátko

Czech Republic ● 2022 ● 10‘
26.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Czech + EN subs

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Between/Worlds, an LGBT musical and a coming-of-age short film, tells the story of Nela and Lucie, captured through a visual study and musical scene against the backdrop of the city of Brno, Czech Republic. Lucie and Nela are having the time of their life during summer days and nights in Brno. Two young women, one is Romani and one is not, one is lesbian, one is probably not. It’s a short film about how worlds collide and what emerges between them.

Director, script, editing: Robert Poupátko ● Producer: Alica Sigmund Heráková ● Production: Nick Budai ● Cinematography: Laco Korbel ● Choreography: Martin Svobodník ● “Song In the Clouds”: Jindra Polák, Martin Kasal, Ondřej Málek, Martin Ledvina ● Music based on the song “In the Clouds”: Filip Johánek ● Cover version production: Filip Johánek, Milan Kroka, Matěj Janoušek, Jacek Marciniak ● Sound: Filip Johánek, Bibiána Hroncová ● Singers: Nela Hrdinová, Aneta Havlíčková, Markéta Bosáková, Marek Schneider, Robert Poupátko ● Dancers: Aneta Havlíčková, Markéta Bosáková, Marek Schneider ● Makeup and styling: Erik Klempár ● Cast: Lucie Lucassen, Nela Hrdinová

Carmen, no fear of freedom

Irene Baqué

Spain ● 2022 ● 30’
27.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Spanish + EN subs

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The documentary “Carmen, no fear of freedom” shows the leader of the first association of feminist Roma women who are fighting against systemic racism and sexism. It shows how her strong personality can be the engine that creates a sense of resistance, togetherness and the strength to fight back. Carmen comes from the "Las 600" neighbourhood in the south of Spain. Having broken all the stereotypes, she deals with the pressure of having become a figure of hope and change for her community as she moves on with her goals.

Director: Irene Baqué ● Production company: 15L FILMS ● Producer: Carlota Coloma ● Scriptwriter: Irene Baqué ● Cinematography: Artur-Pol Camprubí ● Sound: Diego Pedragosa ● Edition: Lidia Sala

Carmen Troubles

Vasco Araújo

Portugal ● 2022 ● 52’
25.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Spanish + EN subs

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The documentary is a manifesto between operatic tradition and feminist activism that examines the influence of Bizet's opera “Carmen”. It created and perpetuated a stereotypical image of Roma women and the enormous prejudice that is present in the imagery of Western societies till today. We witness how a group of Spanish Roma women collectively empower themselves and wish to change what is still the predominant vision of a Roma woman.

Director: Vasco Araújo ● Cast: Pilar Távora, Ana Maria Segovia Montoya, Beatriz Carillo, Júlia Manzano, Pastora Filigrana ● Screenplay: Vasco Araújo ● Cinematography: João Pedro Plácido ● Editing: Vasco Araújo ● Sound: Miguel Ângelo ● Producer: Isabel Machado


Alecio Araci

Sweden ● 2023 ● 15’
26.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Romanes/Swedish + EN subs

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Tommy's grill is a meeting place for the Romani community. Here a motley crew of people gather to eat and talk. When a young man visits the restaurant one evening, rumours begin to spread. The short film “Chavo” tells the story of a man who is forced to revisit traumatic memories. A bond between a mourning father and a rejected son builds up, and it seems like they have more in common than Tommy was first aware of.

Director and script: Alecio Araci ● Cinematography: Arpi Sahakyan ● Producer: Bitte Andersson, Alicia Hansen ● Editing: Rasmus Ohlander SFK, Alvis Wolff ● Sound: Gustaf Forsberg, Trent Hedayati, Calle Ottsjö, Niklas Skarp, Erik Clauss ● Music: Anders Peev ● Cast: Michell Tatter Alfredsson, Ado Mehić Džafić, Philip Torres Örning, Rosmari Kaldaras, Ardijan Bunjoshi, Paul Dandos