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Incipit Vita Nova

Video installation

Without language

24. – 28.10.2023 ● Daily between 14:00 – 22:00

Staircase of GRÜNER SALON
In her video installation created for Le Bas' exhibition at the Secession in Vienna, the artist turns to the transcendental religious universe of antiquity, when the bonds between the living and the dead were still palpable. For the artist, this work grew out of a personal experience of loss: the death of her grandmother, the person she felt most attached to and her stalwart supporter. Incipit Nova Vita is about a caesura, a questioning, a fresh start.

Director: Delaine Le Bas ● Camera: Lincoln Cato, Delaine Le Bas, Hera Santos ● Editor: Laszlo Farkas ● Sound: Justin Langlands ● Music: Laszlo Farkas Mixing of Original Sound & Justin Langlands ● Cast: Delaine Le Bas, Hera Santos ● Producer: Delaine Le Bas