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The Village of Roses

Hanna Heilborn

Sweden ● 2023 ● 87’
28.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Italian & Romanes + EN subs

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11-year-old Denise is making her way to school by foot, with her teasing cousins Walter and Jonathan. At home, her mother Puffa is calling the authorities, to find out why the school bus again has not stopped by their village. Some call this suburb of Milan a Roma camp. Puffa calls it Villaggio delle Roses, the Village of Roses. Over a period of six years, the filmmaker Hanna Heilborn follow Denise and her family fighting for their rights to exist and their homes not to be demolished. In combination with TV archives and telephone conversations between the film director and her friend, Roma activist and actress Dijana Pavlović, the story step by step dismantles the consequences of hateful populist media rhetoric and puts to surface the widespread oppression of the Roma minority in today’s Europe, which appears even more aggressive than ever.

Director: Hanna Heilborn in collaboration with Movimento Kethane ● Producer: Elin Kamlert ● Music Composer: József Balázs ● Editors: Dominika Daubenbüchel, SFK, Nils Eidvall ● Cinematographers: Stefania Vialetto, Stephanie Blanchard ● Sound: Claes Lundberg ● Production company: Story AB© ● Co-producers: Kamlert Film, Film Stockholm & Film i Skåne ● With support from The Swedish Film Institute, Filmbasen & The Swedish Arts Grants Committee