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Ocean: Import & Export

Rosa Cisneros

UK ● 2023 ● 7’
27.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Dance & English

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The short screendance film focuses on climate change, trauma, and cultural heritage, and draws on Roma feminism. It investigates climate justice, ocean conservation and motherhood using a contemporary flamenco dance vocabulary. Scientific research on the climate emergency has underpinned this film and is directly related to racial justice. Reflecting on traditional Flamenco dance rhythms, techniques, gestures and modes of transmission, the work asks questions about what we copy and imitate and what we disrupt and let go of in terms of traditions. What kind of ancestor do you want to be?

Director: Rosa Cisneros ● Dancers: Rosa Cisneros and Yasemin-Anaya Cisneros Sengun ● Choreographer: Rosa Cisneros ● Videographer and Drone work: Maria Polodeanu ● Editing: Maria Polodeanu and Rosa Cisneros ● Music: Maestro Espada "Estrellica"