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O Baripen

Vera Lacková

Slovakia ● 2023 ● 52’
24.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Slovak & Romanes + EN subs

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The documentary is a portrait of one of the first Roma female writers, Elena Lacková, in an intimately personal way. Thanks to Elena Lacková’s authentic voiceover and preserved archival footage, we immerse into her memories about the Roma Holocaust and the communist dictatorship in the context of her theatre play “The Burning Gypsy Camp” from 1946. We reveal the circumstances of growing up in a Roma settlement, of her first literary achievements and efforts to combine personal and professional life. We also get to know her life story through her great-granddaughter Alžbeta Ferencová, who is an actress, dancer, and singer. The film describes the effort to combine family and work, creating a transferable story of women and their role in society.

Director: Vera Lacková ● Screenplay: Jana Ondrušová ● Script editors: Jana Ondrušová, Miroslava Tomaníková ● Music: Jan Šikl jun. ● Sound: Klára Jašková ● Producer: Media Voice (Vera Lacková, Jan Bodnár)