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Matthew Mark Luke John

Tom Wilson

Romania ● 2018 ● 70’
28.10.2023 ● 16:00 ● GRÜNER SALON
Romanes & Romanian + EN subs

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The feature film tells the story of 15-year-old Rebeca, who dreams of going to high-school. However, Rebeca’s family won’t let her. Determined to win approval, she starts visiting the local church of her Christian Baptist village where a young priest tells her to read the Bible. She does so, and starts to discover radical passages that call for an uprising against social injustice. A conflict with the patriarchs of the village breaks out – with life-changing consequences.

Director, script: Tom Wilson ● DOP: Bogdan Filip ● Editing: Catalin Cristutiu ● Music: Robin Allender ● Cast: Rebeca Cobzaru, Marta Cobzaru, Andreea Irimea, Cameila Pintilie ● Production: Tom Wilson