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Nikitas Sifonios & Aggelos Barai

Greece ● 2023 ● 7’
26.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Greek + EN subs

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On October 22, 2021, 18-year-old Roma Nikos Sampanis was killed by police fire in the Perama area after a chase. The intense police violence in Greece in recent years, culminating in the murder of two young Romani men Nikos Sampanis and Kostas Fragoulis by police shootings, led to the making of the documentary film. Nikos leaves behind three children and a family seeking justice. The documentary gives voice to the grieving Sampanis family in their fight for justice and truth.

A film by: Nikitas Sifonios And Aggelos Barai ● Video: Aggelos Barai, Nikitas Sifonios ● Script: Nikitas Sifonios, Maria Pesli, Kostas Vlaxopoulos ● Sound Engineer: Ioli Sifoniou ● Editing: Georgia Tsismetzoglou ● Song: Ntinos Isoufis: Bridge Of Death ● Design: Manos Tzavolakis ● Comunication : Andriana Theochari ● Production: Karpos Media, UNHCR Greece ● Cast: Sampanis Family