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Joseph Franciosa

Germany 2022 16’
24.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Without language

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This dance film shows the consequences of a hell in which man becomes an animal, deprived of his dignity. It talks about prisoners living in closed concentration facilities without protection or address, about people who had to flee and were in a boat. Deprived of any emotion or sense of their bodies, the two humans push their way through a hopeless existence. For this, the choreography creates a very clear, shattering body image, which its performers execute with poignant consistency. The film is devoted to those who are denied the right to have hope for a better future and who are deemed by the system of power as “unworthy” to live. 

Director: Joseph Franciosa ● Dancers: David Kwiek, Sarah Wunsch ● Music: Julia Fonseca, Michael Vignola ● Choreografie: Christina Liakopoyloy, David Kwiek ● Photography, editing: Joseph Franciosa