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I Am Nicu

Alina Șerban

Romania ● 2023 ● 16’
26.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Romanian + EN subs

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The documentary tells the story of a young man on an ordinary day in Bucharest. Although he lives in a centre for young people who grew up in the orphanage, Nicu is an extravagant person with love for fashion. We follow him on his way to work as he tells us about his three identities and the shame that comes with them: from living with several foster mothers, the fear of living in an orphanage and being bullied because he is Romani, an orphan and gay too. About all the way to the pride that distinguishes him today. To our surprise, in the end, we see his workplace and how he is now preparing to become independent.

Director: Alina Șerban ● Director of photography: Cătălin Rugină ● Editing: Alex Lungu ● Sound: Laurențiu Coțac ● Production: Alina Șerban (Untold Stories), Ada Solomon (microFILM)