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Hard Road To Travel

Lisa Smith

UK ● 2019 ● 6’
26.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON

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The short film follows Danny on a journey to take part in his first London Pride Parade. He’s found out for the first time in its history that a Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller official contingent has been organised by “Traveller Pride”, a UK based collective made up of LGBT+ Travellers working to provide support, representation and a platform for LGBT+ Travellers. Danny’s big brother Joeboy has the task of begrudgingly driving him.

Director: Lisa Smith ● Cast: Andrew Greaves, Brandon Falvey, Niall O’ Laughlin, Andy Milner ● Writers: Ben Norris, Lisa Smith ● Script Advisors: Tyler Hatwell, Joe Mitchell, Jason Smith, Lois Brookes-Jones ● Executive Producer: Grant Black ● Editors: David Jones, Francesca Kemp ● Sound Recordist: Ian Edwards ● Producer: Kenisha White ● DoP: Dan Haworth-Salter ● Costume & Make-Up Artist: Betsy Mobey