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Dance Workshop with Mr. Kwiek

26.10.2023 ● 14:00 ● Grüner Salon

For people between 15 – 25
Registration: veranstaltungen@romatrial.org

︎︎︎ Free Admission
After internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer David Kwiek aka Mr. Quick won the hearts of the audience at AKE DIKHEA? 2022, he returns this year to give young people an insight into his art of dance!

In a 3-hour workshop, he will teach people aged 15-25 urban dance for all levels: Funk, Locking and Popping and Choreography!

Mr. Quick from Mannheim is a two-time world champion in breakdance and finalist of the talent show “Supertalent”. With his passion for dancing, he campaigns for a world in which origin, skin colour, nation and culture play no role.