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Citizen Miko

Robin Kvapil

Czech Republic ● 2022 ● 75’
27.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Czech & Romanes + EN subs

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The documentary "Citizen Miko" delivers an unflattering, razor-sharp critical portrait of the Czech Republic as a country that only offers a helping hand when it is worthwhile. Miko is a truck driver, his father is Romani, and above all he is a man who wants to help those in need. When the Czech government is looking for reasons not to take in a few dozen children from Greek refugee camps after the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians in 2018, Miko takes justice into his own hands and, together with the Czechs Helping initiative, prepares facilities for child refugees. However, government officials give priority to political interests. Will parliamentary elections and a change of ministries save the situation?

Director: Robin Kvapil ● Producer: Martina Štrunc ● Photography: Stanislav Adam, Šimon Dvořáček, Robin Kvapil, Petr Salaba, David Šachl, Jan Šípek, Tomáš Uhlík ● Editing: Josef Krajbich ● Sound: Martin Blauber, Jiří Graf, musicNeedles ● Cast: Jaroslav Miko ● Production: Silk Films