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Alecio Araci

Sweden ● 2023 ● 15’
26.10.2023 ● 18:00 ● BABYLON
Romanes/Swedish + EN subs

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Tommy's grill is a meeting place for the Romani community. Here a motley crew of people gather to eat and talk. When a young man visits the restaurant one evening, rumours begin to spread. The short film “Chavo” tells the story of a man who is forced to revisit traumatic memories. A bond between a mourning father and a rejected son builds up, and it seems like they have more in common than Tommy was first aware of.

Director and script: Alecio Araci ● Cinematography: Arpi Sahakyan ● Producer: Bitte Andersson, Alicia Hansen ● Editing: Rasmus Ohlander SFK, Alvis Wolff ● Sound: Gustaf Forsberg, Trent Hedayati, Calle Ottsjö, Niklas Skarp, Erik Clauss ● Music: Anders Peev ● Cast: Michell Tatter Alfredsson, Ado Mehić Džafić, Philip Torres Örning, Rosmari Kaldaras, Ardijan Bunjoshi, Paul Dandos