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Carmen Troubles

Vasco Araújo

Portugal ● 2022 ● 52’
25.10.2023 ● 20:00 ● BABYLON
Spanish + EN subs

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The documentary is a manifesto between operatic tradition and feminist activism that examines the influence of Bizet's opera “Carmen”. It created and perpetuated a stereotypical image of Roma women and the enormous prejudice that is present in the imagery of Western societies till today. We witness how a group of Spanish Roma women collectively empower themselves and wish to change what is still the predominant vision of a Roma woman.

Director: Vasco Araújo ● Cast: Pilar Távora, Ana Maria Segovia Montoya, Beatriz Carillo, Júlia Manzano, Pastora Filigrana ● Screenplay: Vasco Araújo ● Cinematography: João Pedro Plácido ● Editing: Vasco Araújo ● Sound: Miguel Ângelo ● Producer: Isabel Machado