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Benita Bailey

Benita Bailey is an actress, theatre & film maker & University lecturer. She studied International Relations and African Studies at the University of Leipzig and in Hong Kong &
performing arts in Berlin. She worked for the UN in New York and for the German government in Beijing and Berlin. She is currently developing her first feature film and an interdisciplinary performance based on the arrivals legacy project with the Canadian collective Diaspora Kidz. Since July 2020, she has also been producing #yellit on YT, in
which she presents Black artists. She can currently be seen in the title role "PFLEGIONÄRIN" in the ARD-Mediathek. In 2022, she was chosen by Focus magazine as one of the 100 women of the year for her work against everyday racism. Benita is a founding member and on the board of the Black Filmmakers Association. She lives with her family in Berlin and Toronto.

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