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24.10.2023 ● 14:00 ● Grüner Salon

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AVAZYA FILM LAB 2023 is an exclusive mentoring workshop with the aim to connect Romani and marginalized filmmakers with leading experts in film. The selected film projects receive tailored consultation in relation to their project’s specific needs.

Selected projects:

Didikai (UK)

Writer & Director: Jack Lilleywhite

With his grandfather's funeral postponed by the police, a young Romany boy reluctant to accept the loss of a loved one is forced to confront his identity in a landscape of cultural erosion. Determined to prove himself to his community, he must choose between tradition or assimilation.

Wolf ́s Lair (CZ)

Producer: Alica Sigmund Heráková

In the enigmatic cabin nestled amidst the mountains, seven students find themselves compelled by unknown entities to confront a bone-chilling choice. This narrative draws inspiration from the 1986 film by Věra Chytilová and Daniela Fischerová, weaving its own adaptation of the tale.


Kristóf Horváth
Marike Muselaers