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8th International Festival of Romani Film
21. – 27.10.2024

We are looking for films that offer a critical reflection on the lived realities of Romani people and productions that include Romani film professionals. Romani people and organizations can also make recommendations for films and Roma and non-Roma filmmakers are invited to submit their films.

Film registration methods:
FilmFreeWay: https://filmfreeway.com/AkeDikhea
Google Form: https://forms.gle/zjKEPN5saTEjoAmQ6

For film recommendations:
E-mail: info@akedikhea.com

Deadline for submission or proposals:
Monday, 15.07.2024

Background information:

AKE DIKHEA? translated means “YOU SEE?". It is a self-organized, international festival of Romani film that will take place in Berlin on 21st – 27th October 2024. The festival presents the world and societies from the perspective of Romani people. We ask the questions which films represent us? Which themes are important to us? How do we see ourselves and how do we want to be seen? We don't want to wait until someone gives us a voice. We want to shape the social space ourselves and decide on the themes and structure of the festival events.

The festival is organized by the Berlin Roma self-organization RomaTrial and takes place at the traditional cinema BABYLON and at the Grüner Salon of the Volksbühne thatre in Berlin.
Further information can be found on the akedikhea.com website.

Selection process

The International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA? stands for a unique, participatory selection process: Thanks to our worldwide network of (Romani) filmmakers, we are able to discover topics, people and perspectives that would otherwise remain hidden or only have a local or national impact. The whole process is transparent and inclusive:

Between 06.05.2024 and 15.07.2024, we will collect proposals and applications for films from various Romani communities, stakeholders and individuals.

The artistic director Hamze Bytyçi and the festival co-curator Lisa Smith will together select around 10-20 short and feature-length films to be presented at the film festival.

For the duration of the festival (21.10. – 27.10.2024), an international jury – of Romani and non-Romani film professionals – will meet to make a selection for the best short, best feature and attendees of the festival will determine the audience choice award.

We accept films by Romani and non-Romani filmmakers with the highest degree of reflection on prejudices against Romani people. We accept all film genres and lengths.

Proposal guidelines

We accept films by Romani and non-Romani filmmakers with the highest degree of reflection on prejudices experienced by Romani people.

The submission of films via Google form is free of charge. For the submission via FilmFreeWay, we require a symbolic fee of 1 Euro.

It is possible to register short films as well as feature-length films, we accept all film genres.

We accept films regardless of the year of production, even though we prefer films finished in 2023 and 2024.

Each individual or organization may propose a maximum of five full-length films and ten short films.

If the film is not in English, it must have English subtitles.

We do not accept unfinished films. We ask that you only propose and register completed films that are ready for public screening. It will not be possible to submit a new film version after the application deadline.