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Since our launch in October 2023 AVAZYA has got off to a quick start to create a series of opportunities for our members and have been able to advocate for better visibility of Romani film and film professionals on a European level. Here is a short round up of the latest opportunities we have been able to offer our members.

Avazya joins forces with the European Film Academy (EFA)

Through a joint partnership with the EFA, we were able to nominate a number of filmmakers as members of the European Film Academy and also achieved waivers for the annual membership fee in the amount of 225€/year for all Romani members . The announcement of new members (who replied to the EFA invitation in time) took place on May 9th, Europe day, and proved to be an important day for the recognition of our voices. The European Film Academy welcomed all together 462 film professionals as new members, who will all be eligible to vote for the European Film Academy Awards.

We have been able to secure free waivers for Romani filmmakers for a number of festivals.

European Film Academy – “Sunday in the Country”: AVAZYA Roma Film Professionals Network was invited as a collaborating partner of the European Film Academy’s exclusive retreat “Sunday in the Country”. We were able to send a Romani participant to the networking and empowering weekend in Montenegro. You can read more about it here:  AVAZYA Network was partner of the EFA’s project “Sunday in the Country”

Berlinale & European Film Market (EFM) 2023
AKE DIKHEA? recognised as a European Lighthouse at Diversity & Inclusion Seminar

The European Film Market hosted a day-long event on diversity and inclusion on
February 16th, 2023 bringing together a host of industry stakeholders in an effort to set the agenda for better representation — both on and off screen — in Europe’s film and television
industries. The International Festival of Romani Film: AKE DIKHEA? & AVAZYA Film Professionals Network were invited to share their work alongside organisations such as ARTEF, the New Dawn film fund, France’s Collectif 5050 and the International Sámi Film Institute. You can read more about it here: AKE DIKHEA? recognised as a European Lighthouse | AKE DIKHEA? (roma-filmfestival.com)

Fiction and Documentary Toolbox programmes 2023

AVAZYA Film Professionals Network sponsored two projects for European Film Market Toolbox Fiction and Documentary Programme 2023 and hope to continue this partnership in 2024.
You can read more about it here: Avazya Film Professionals Network sponsors two projects for European Film Market Toolbox Programme Initiative | AKE DIKHEA? (roma-filmfestival.com)

Further to this we were able to offer 4 physical EFM Accreditation badges as well as 3 EFM Accreditation badges for Avazya members to attend the Berlinale and the European Film Market 2023.

Documentary Association of Europe (DAE)

We formed an ongoing partnership with the incredible DAE, a member’s association from all professional fields associated with documentary film, who welcome AVAZYA members to take part in their Off-The-Record online seminars at no cost. The first seminar focused on Film Marketing Materials for upcoming markets and The second seminar focused on how to best position your funding applications.

We also wanted to share with you the news that the 7th International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA? will take place on 23. – 29.10.2023 / BABYLON + Grüner Salon

Finally remember if you haven’t already done so you can register as an official member of the network here:


Big Love,
The Avazya Team